5 Awesome Things To Do In Kansas This Summer

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5 awesome things to do in kansas

During the summer, we like to find fun things to do as a family.  Sure, there’s the pool, walking, bike riding…but we like to get away and have fun outside of our little town.

Here is my list of 5 Awesome Things To Do In Kansas This Summer:

1. Day out with Thomas.

This is a really neat activity.  We have gone the last 3 years, and I have to say, I will surely be disappointed when my youngest tells me he doesn’t want to go anymore.  It consists of a 30-minute train ride, in one of Thomas’ coaches.  We always purchase tickets to ride on Percy, as well; which is another 30-minute train ride, only Percy is the engine pulling you.

We always purchase 1 or 2 trains for our collection while we are there, and of course, I always have to get a magnet for the fridge.  There games and story-time for the kiddos, all of which are free with your paid admission.  There are food vendors and photo opportunities with the characters.  You can click here to see if Thomas is coming to your area, and purchase tickets.

2. The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center/Gage Park

The Discovery Center is a hands-on museum for children.  They have everything from painting, to nature walks, to building with unusual materials, day camps, you name it.  It is fun for all ages.  Even our teenagers get a kick out of it!

The Discovery Center is located on the Gage Park grounds.  When we go, we make a day of it.  We visit the Topeka Zoo, we ride the Carousel In The Park and the Gage Park Mini Train.   Everyone is definitely worn out by the time we wrap up the day.  You can check out The Kansas Children’s Discover Center here, and Gage Park here.

3. Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, Kansas

We really want to take the family here this summer.  One of the mister’s favorite shows is “Gunsmoke”, and he’s from Garden City, which is a hop, skip and a jump away from Dodge City.

They have built a scale replica of Front Street, which, from what I understand, every building is an exhibit of its own.  There are evening shows in the  “Long Branch Saloon”, and gun-fight reenactments every few times during the day.  Check out the Boot Hill Museum here.

4. Huff and Puff Hot Air Balloon Rally

The Huff and Puff Hot Air Balloon Rally is towards the beginning of September.  It’s relaxing to watch the balloons inflate, and take off.  They offer tethered balloon rides, which benefit the Ronald McDonald House.  There are food vendors, gift booths, and a peaceful view of Lake Shawnee.  Check out Huff and Puff’s Facebook page here.

5. Safari Zoological Park

This activity is literally in our backyard, in Caney, Kansas.  I know I said we like to get out and get away with the kids, but the Safari Zoological Park is so much fun.  It looks teeny-tiny when you pull up, but there is a lot going on in there!  It takes about 2-3 hours to complete the tour.  Check out the Safari Zoological Park here.

6. Kiddie Park, Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Yea…I know.  I said Kansas…and yea, I said 5.  BUT, I added the Kiddie Park because it is hands-down, my favorite place to take the kids.  No…there really isn’t much for the teenagers there, except the concessions stand, and 1 or 2 rides.  This park is really geared towards toddlers through 9 or 10 years.  Open on summer nights, from 6 to 10 pm.  It really is an amazing park!  Check it out here!

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