3 Tips to get a Workout in Every Day

I have always enjoyed being physically active and exercising. In college I went to the gym almost everyday. I was in good shape and the best part was I felt good and had so much energy. Exercise is so good for overall health. It not only helps physically, but emotionally and mentally. Its just all around good! Kids and babies however make it tough to get a workout in though. It was pretty easy with 1 and 2 kids to get time to exercise but once we had 3 it became a challenge and even more of a challenge to get any time for anything with 5 kiddos. I have learned some tricks through the years to get a workout in though and decided to share them. The gym in town does not have childcare with it so I have to workout at home, which I prefer anyway, but it’d be nice to have the option of a gym. I have 3 tips to making sure I get that much needed exercise in almost everyday.

1 – Dress for Success

Almost everyday, I wear exercise clothes all day. Why? Because I don’t have time to change clothes when I get a chance to workout and because most days, I don’t have a solid 30 minutes to an hour without one of my little ones needing something. Without a doubt, my 2 year old will get into something or the baby needs a new diaper or nursed. I don’t have time to waste changing clothes, so, I am ready to workout when an opportunity comes. I try to plan my day either the night before or that morning and what my workout goal is that day so I know what to wear.

My favorite workout clothes are my fabletics bottoms and a t-shirt or tank. Their tops are not my favorite to be honest. They tend to have big arm holes, wide necks, or are tight and form fitted. I am more of a loose tank or t-shirt type of girl when I work out so I find tops elsewhere. These bottoms with the pockets though are my favorite. I can have my phone with me and keys and they are cute and flattering, i think. So, find some cute workout clothes and make those your everyday wear.

2 – Do what you can, when you can.

I’d love to wake up and workout before the kids get up, but that’s not gonna happen right now. I need my sleep and depending on when baby boy goes to bed, and if he or any of his brothers wake up at night, depends on the amount of sleep I get. Momma needs her sleep to be a happy Momma. Maybe I’ll get better at waking up early enough to workout before they wake, but for now, 6/6:30 is early enough for me to start my day.  Depending on what I’d like to do for my workout that day, determines when I do it. If I want to jog for 30 minutes then I get it done in the morning while the baby sleeps in and I only have 2 kids to keep entertained and then I can get showered and ready before baby wakes up too. I try to jog 1 day a week, maybe 2. Cardio and nursing don’t jive for my milk supply so I have to take it easy. Try to do 10 minutes here and there through out your day to get all the thing in you’d like to.

3 – Be creative.

It’s almost impossible to get even 10 minutes to myself these day, so I have to get creative to get my workout in. Most days I try to do my core, stretch and do either arms, legs, or cardio. To get all that into my day along with all the other things I do, I have to be creative. On the days I do cardio, if the weather is nice I will take the kids on a bike ride while I have the littlest 2 in the jogging stroller. I love to take them to the cemetery here in town and let them ride their bikes there. I don’t have to worry about traffic there, its peaceful, and its a big loop. If i have to run on the treadmill and the littlest 2 need some entertainment, then I prop my iPad up on the treadmill, hook up the speakers and play Baby Shark, or the Freeze song and let them dance and play. If that doesn’t work or stops working, then i give them a snack bowl and they sit on the floor while i finish my jog.Other ways I get cardio in during the week are playing tag with my boys, doing races across the back lawn, kick the can, or dancing while we cook a meal. Getting the kids involved is my favorite.

To get a arm, leg, or core workout and stretching, I will do squats while the kids are playing outside and not needing me,then do some stretches while they play in the toy room later in the day. I will turn on some of my favorite youtube workout videos or home exercise videos and do those and pause them if needed. Either way, I try to get that workout in somehow; Even if it takes all day. Stretching usually turns into wrestling with my boys, or my favorite is to have them push or climb on my back to help me get a good stretch. Kids are great use a weights too. Throwing my 2 year old up in the air is a killer workout, and using the wrap with my 4 month old gives me some added weight while I do squats, lunges, etc. I will challenge the boys to a push-up or chin-ups competition at the swing set, which I almost always loose, but I love seeing them have fun working out too. Being creative with your workout and making it fun will help fit it into your day.

These 3 tips have helped me get my workout in and set a good example for my boys as well. I hope they help you accomplish your workout goals as well! When Mom is happy, everyone is happy, right?! Enjoy your workout and leave a comment on how you get a workout in with little ones. Much love!

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