I am always looking for folks to test my crochet patterns.

As of right now, I am only looking for crocheters.  But perhaps in the future I will have a need for knitters as well.

The requirements are as follows:

You must have crochet experience of at least 1 year.

You must be able to read a crochet pattern and be able to complete the pattern within the given time frame.  Sometimes, I’m on a deadline for my patterns, too.

I ask that you be able to spot grammatical errors and instructional errors.  DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TELL ME if there is an error!!!  It’s ok!  I know I’m not perfect.  lol

I ask that you be respectful when pointing out errors, giving suggestions or giving your opinion.

I ask that you give me updates on your progress.

If I email you, please respond in a timely manner…I feel that 24 hours is reasonable.


Once the pattern is complete, I will need GOOD, QUALITY pictures of the finished item.  Your photos may be used as examples of the finished item.  Sometimes, I need the items to be modeled by someone.  Please don’t accept the pattern if you cannot meet this requirement.

If there is any doubt that you may be able to finish the pattern on time, don’t be afraid to say no.  It’s ok!

**You MUST be able to adhere to the following policy**

All my patterns are copyrighted.  You cannot copy, sell, alter, share, redistribute as your own, or re-write any pattern.  You cannot copy, sell alter, share, redistribute as your own, or retouch any of the photos used in my patterns.  Doing so will not be tolerated!  It’s illegal!


This is not a paid position.  Your payment is the pattern you have gotten.  Any yarn, hooks, etc; are your responsibility to purchase.  You ARE permitted to sell any completed item, however.  I do ask that I am credited as the creator of the pattern. 🙂


If you made it this far, and are still interested, please head over to my Facebook page and shoot me a message!