Date Night: Couples Truth or Dare

Date Night: Couples Truth or Dare

Date night can be a challenge sometimes and the same ol’ dinner and a movie can get old really quick. We live in a small town that has 1 restaurant and not much to do besides going golfing at the golf course, so dates are something we have to be creative with. We plan the first Friday of each month as our date night and alternate planning date night. We put the kids to bed and have date night at home. January was my turn to plan our date so I started thinking what we could do. I tried to come up with something different than the norm and came up with Truth or Dare.

I started looking at pinterest for something I could simply print off and have a fun date ready to go, but there wasn’t one. There were plenty of couples truth or dare games that were a little more risque or in the bedroom type games, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted good clean fun Truth or Dare. I figured I’d make my own since I couldn’t find one and thought I would share.

How to Set-up Date Night

First, ask your spouse to go on a date with you and set up a time. Make it special by treating date night like you are still trying to win your spouse over. Second, gather supplies for this date. Here’s what you need.

  • Truth or Dare Papers – Print and cut out the truth or dare sheets.
  • 2 Bowls – Put truth questions in one bowl and dares in another bowl to keep them separate.
  • A box of cookies – Oreos, chips a’hoy, whatever is your favorite
  • A ball – Not to big, you need to be able to catch it. Think tennis ball.
  • Pencil – or pen. Something to write with.
  • Paper – 3
  • Cell phone or Camera – Some things need documented
  • Ice Cube – Just one, but leave it in the freezer til needed.
  • Deck of Cards – A deck of the usual 52 cards.
  • Tongs – Any tongs will do.

How to play Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is fairly simple to play. One person starts, ladies first maybe, by choosing truth or dare. If they choose truth, the other person draws a piece of paper from the truth bowl, reads it to them and they answer the question. If they choose dare, then the other person draws a dare from the dare bowl, says, “I dare you to…” followed by what is on the strip of paper. A dare MUST be completed to move on. Keep it fun though. Easy peesy.

Hope this date is as fun for you as it was for us. Continue to date your spouse and have fun together too! Best wishes.

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