How to keep up on the Laundry

How to keep up on the Laundry

“Because the laundry never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends. One day I started doing it and thinking it would end, but I’ll continue doing it forever everyday, because the laundry Never ends…” I sing this multiple times a day. Just when I think I’m done with the laundry, there’s more. Between the all the bedding, 7 peoples clothes, bath towels, kitchen towels and whatever else needs washed, I needed to simplify. I was constantly behind on laundry and felt so overwhelmed that I needed to simplify. Here’s how I overcome the piles of laundry each week.

Individual Hampers

Each room has its own dirty clothes hamper for the boys to put their clothes in. When it’s their assigned laundry day, they bring their laundry basket to the laundry room to get washed. My oldest is learning to do his own laundry with my help and the others help with theirs so they can learn as well. There is also a hamper in the kids bathroom closet for wash clothes and bath towels. I also have a basket under the kitchen sink for the dish rags and babies bibs.

Stop Sorting

I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. I do this for my boys clothes only. Mine and Jace’s laundry is still sorted into 4 loads, white, colors, jeans, and handwash/delicate/line dry. For the boys clothes, I simply throw everything in the washer – unless there is a white shirt, I do pull that out and wash it with mine and Jace’s whites. It’s so much easier and I haven’t noticed any more wear on the clothes than usual. Everything is already sorted by having separate hampers so I just have to grab the hamper, throw those in the wash and done.

Assign Laundry Days

In my weekly cleaning schedule, I have certain days assigned to what laundry is getting done. This helps so much because then I’m not doing laundry at 8 pm because someone ran out of socks or undies. It takes the question out of when to do the laundry. For everyone’s clothes, on their assigned day, they bring their dirty clothes to the laundry room to get washed. Each bedroom/bed is assigned a day as well. We have 7 beds that need washed so to have it spread out keeps me from feeling like a hotel maid. Every load of laundry is assigned to a week day and I try to keep on schedule

Put it away ASAP

This is were laundry is hard for me. I can get it washed and dried but folded and put away is such a challenge. I enlist the help of my boys in folding and putting laundry away their clothes and/or I try to take the clothes right where they need to go from the drier. Not letting a load sit in a hamper or on the counter is a must. Make a game out of it, that’s what I tell my kids. How fast can you put your laundry away?!? We use a stop wash and everything. get laundry put away and some energy out by running. It works for us. For bedding I put them right back on the beds and bath towels go back on the towel rod. We do have a couple hand towels for each bathroom that I fold and put in the drawer, either way, try to get it all put away before you go to bed so it’s not something you wake up.


We were blessed with 5 boys in 8 years so that means for the last 8 years we have been accumulating clothing in all the sizes, from newborn to boys size 8 now. We have a TON of clothes but its good because boys are hard on clothes. The best thing I’ve done is to throw everything we have in each size in a different tote and let each of them pick their wardrobe from there. If we have every shirt, tank top, long sleeve, sweater, pants, shorts, – you get the point – out for each of them I wouldn’t do laundry for a month! Sounds great until you have to put all of that away, then you’re swimming in piles. Have enough clothes for the week and a few extras and store or donate the rest. Also, I only buy socks that can be mixed and matched. I don’t do the whole every sock is a different color and once one gets a hole then both socks are gone thing.

When it comes to bath towels, we each have 1 towel that gets washed each week then hung back up and we have a 2 or 3 hand towels so they can get changed out during the week. This cuts down on having to store extra towels. We do the same thing with bedding, everyone picked-out their own sheets and they are put right back on their beds when clean. We do have a few extra sheets as a back up for those late night accidents and when sickness strikes. The more minimalistic you can be, when it comes to laundry, the better.

Hopefully these tips help you get through those never ending piles of laundry a little easier. They have helped me. If you have anymore helpful tips, throw them in the comments below. We learn from each other! Happy Laundry Day to everyone! Now, how fast can you get it done?

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