My A/B Cleaning Schedule

My A/B Cleaning Schedule

I remember fondly the days of old, when my home was easy to keep clean and laundry was put away, folded nicely. Those days are long gone. It turned into my house chores overtaking me, the laundry was overwhelming, and dishes seemed to multiply as I was doing them! I was drowning. As I tell my husband, our ship had a hole and it was sinking fast. I took to the wonderful world of Pinterest and other bloggers to patch the hole in our ship. I tried a variety of different cleaning tips and tricks and others schedules but they just didn’t work for my home because I had different rooms and cleaning needs then any of them. So I came up with a cleaning schedule that worked for me. I hate to do the same thing every week because, honestly, does my bed need washed EVERY week? Or every floor need mopped? Nope! Not for me. So, I have an A/B cleaning schedule and love it. Each week is similar so I can remember what I’m doing but I don’t clean my entire house every week. This is what my schedule looks like.

Everyday I have a list of chores I try to keep up on. The dishes are a big thing that I try to not let stack up and I tidy up as much as I can – with the kids help of course.

I start the week with the most motivation and it fades as the week goes on so I do my least favorite task on my most motivated day. For me it’s bathrooms. I have a house of boys with poor aim, go figure that I hate bathrooms. Each full bath gets cleaned every other week with the exception of our powder bath. It gets used the most so it gets cleaned every week. The laundry for the day correlates to the bathroom I am cleaning, that way it’s simple to remember what laundry to start. Our Master towels get washed every week as well because my husband and I shower daily and the boys don’t. Their towels make it 2 weeks just fine. The powder bath has multiple hand towels that get changed every few days and I throw them in with the boys towels. 

We have 5 bedrooms and 1 guest bedroom. The guest room doesn’t get used so it’s not a room I clean Every other week. It’s more of a when needed basis. I will tidy up or organize, dust and vacuum the bedrooms on their assigned day and launder the bedding of the same room that day. I tried to keep the laundry loads reasonable for each day but not doing everyone’s bed in a day. It’s not possible for me. Lincoln and Ollie share a room and I sleep in Hayes’ room (it’s easier to nurse and get up with him) so each of these rooms have 2 beds. That’s 4 beds to launder in one day. The master bed is a king so that bedding takes more loads to wash plus the 2 big boys beds makes the laundry each week for that day similar. 

I wash clothes on days that I clean rooms without laundry in them. That way I’m not in too many rooms at in a day and it’s more centralized.  The room gets done and I can move on. I wash clothes every week and keep the clothes on the same day, but the room I’m cleaning rotates. The kids help with their laundry and put it away. I just put it in their laundry basket, since they each have one and they push it back to their room to put away. The kitchen gets light cleaning everyday but on its assigned day I sweep and mop as well as the clean the appliances and sinks. Our craft/exercise room has a sink in it so that gets cleaned and the floors get swept and mopped. 

Thursday I am sooooo done with the week and have no motivation to clean anymore so I made these days more simple. I tidy up the living room, dust, which the kids like to help with, and vacuum. The stairs get vacuumed and dusted as well while I wash mine and Jace’s clothes. I separate our clothes into 4 different loads, which is enough laundry for me that day. The next week, I dust and tidy up the office so it can be vacuumed.

Friday I get some motivation back because it’s the weekend soon. Laundry is simple with the cleaning towels from the week and the kitchen towels and isn’t to hard to put away. The toy room and family room are next to each other so they get tidied up and vacuumed while the next week I dust, sweep and mop the pantry, entryway, and mudroom. 

Weekly Rotating Cleaning Schedule Week A
Weekly Rotating Cleaning Schedule Week B

That’s it. The week is over and I spend Saturday doing any of the chores that I didn’t get to if needed or I don’t clean at all. During the week I will do a deep cleaning on those days that I am ambitious and I keep track of when those were done but I don’t schedule them. Laundry during the week is always filled with extra loads, like blankets, the really dirty muddy clothes of the kids, or the peed in bed. Yes, we are in That phase of life. I highly recommend a mattress protector and an extra on hand just in case. 

My house may not be picture perfect everyday, but its clean enough for us and I am able to spend my time with my family. That’s what I rather be doing anyway.

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