Shamrock Treasure Hunt

Shamrock Treasure Hunt

With the closure of schools and being home to help with flattening the curve of COVID-19, I thought this would be a fun activity to do with my kiddos. They love treasure hunts so what better way to make this out-of-the-normal St. Patricks Day a little more fun, than to do a Shamrock Treasure Hunt. I made a shamrock printable for the kids to color. Click on the image below to download and color.

Family Treasure Hunt

Have everyone color their Shamrock and then have each other take turns hiding everyone’s shamrock around the house or yard. Everyone has to find their own. My kids are loving hiding and hiding them.

Community Treasure Hunt

You can print one of the shamrocks above or use your own. Hang them in your windows, outside in your yards, where ever you want! Have your shamrocks up as soon as possible! This evening, go for a family walk or drive around your community to find all the shamrocks you can!

Lets all help make this a fun experience and the kids not feel the stress we all may be experiencing. Much love as always!

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