Get To Know The Small Town Wife

Small Town Wife

I probably should have written this post in the beginning.  I’ve received several emails and messages asking a little about who we are.

I, am a small town wife.  Well, almost.

I am a small town fiancee.  We are getting married in August!

We like to say there was a little divine intervention when we first met.  No, it wasn’t love at first sight.

I was going through a very rough patch in life.  I was suddenly a single mom of 2 kiddos and was about to become a grandmother.  Yea.  Nothing was going right.

On this particular day, my car broke down in the driveway…the driveway in questions was to a house I had just purchased.  When I’m not blogging, or chasing after all of these kids, I flip houses.

I had just purchased a house and was super excited to take measurements and get plans drawn up.  So I ventured over to my new project.  While I drove there, the gauges on my car started flipping out!  Lights were blinking, bells were going off, my speedometer was going from 0 to 120 over and over and over.  I stopped at Autozone, had my battery checked, we pulled my alternator and had it tested.

And both the battery and alternator tested within the normal ranges.  It was a wet day, so we chalked it up to perhaps moisture had started some corrosion on my battery terminals.  They were nice enough to clean them for me, and voila!  Good as new.

So I started back over to my new house.  I pulled into the driveway, shut off the car.  For some reason, I tried to start my car again.  And guess what.

It.  Didn’t.  Start.

Ok..probably corrosion, right?  So I get out, open the hood, and start searching for my pliers, that I knew I had in the car.  About that time, here comes this guy from next door.

And I thought…”Oh, here we go.  He’s gonna tell me that I’m an idiot for buying this house.”  But instead, I said..”Hey, you got some pliers?”

And he disappeared to grab pliers.  He came back, asked what was going on.  I explained the events of the last hour, and he disappeared again to get a battery tester.

And guess what.  My battery was toast.

So this guy tells me there is an auto parts store up the street, and that he will charge my battery so I can drive up there.

While the battery charges, he’s telling me about his life.  And it sounded so familiar to my life at that moment.

Still, no fireworks.  But, after the last 3 months, I had just gone through, it was nice to be able to relate to someone else going through a tough time similar to mine.

For a month and a half, I worked on this house, building a porch railing, general clean up, and planning how to restore this 1913 home to its former glory.  Every once in a while, the guy would come by chat for a few minutes, which became a few hours at a time.  Pretty soon we exchanged numbers, and the rest is history!

Here we are 2 years later.

And that house I was flipping?  Yea…we kept it.  And you’ll see it pop up on my sister blog, Hooks and Hammers.

But THIS blog is about our life in small-town Kansas, with 4 kids, 1 grandson, 3 dogs, 2 rats, and a cat; while planning a wedding, and living life.

We will discuss everything from fun things to do with the kids, to parenting issues, to recipes, to my hobbies such as crochet, photography and really everything in between.

Come with me on my journey!