Chalk Paint Step Stool

Chalk Paint Step Stool

This stool has been with me since college. I bought it from Michael’s and all I had was brown craft paint so that is what i used. I was to cheap to buy something for it. I thought the paint would peel off and wear down easily but that paint held up better than i could have imagined. After tripping, falling, and banging my shins (and my husband doing the same), I decided to paint it white. We had chalk paint from a project from a few years ago so I figured I’d just use that. Guess I’m still cheap.

Chalk paint covers surprisingly well! I did 2 coats using a sponge brush then let it drive for about 2 weeks. I was making sure it was REALLY dry. Kidding, we had the stomach flu go through our family, a teething baby who only wanted held, Halloween costumes needing sewn, and Halloween itself, so it was just put aside.

When I was finally able to finish, i sanded the chalk paint with 320 git sandpaper to remove any brush lines and distressed it. I usually don’t like distressing on furniture, but it was to white for my liking.

I sealed it with Amy Howard Light Antique Wax that i bought at the local hardware store. It was my first time using wax and I was a tad nervous. Wax? Really? All i could think of was the stool feeling like a candle afterwards but I wanted to give it a try. I am glad I did! It was really easy to apply. I just used an old shirt to rub it on and that was it. I am happy to report it doesn’t feel like a candle at all either.

If you have a stool that it the same color as your floor and you need to paint it to avoid bruising the bruises that are on your shins, try chalk paint and wax. It’s a quick project, unless you get sick and all that, but nonetheless, with perseverance, things get done! Enjoy!

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